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Flysurfer Peak - The City Line Project



Lock ON - A. Toverud


Last prod from Abdreas TOVERUD, the fearless viking from Norway.

Pure raw power and smooth style on the most technical moves on snow !!!!

Respect Dre,  UNHOOKED riding and brain !!!! Keep on !!!






Heinar Brandstotter, encore un nom barbare...d´Autriche, un nom peu connu mais bien en place depuis des annees. Puissance, technique et style fluide....  Accroche´ et decroche´....  ENJOY 


Heinar Brandstotter, again a barbarian name...from Austria this time, not so famous but well placed for several years. Power, skill, and smoothness...hooked in and unhooked....ENJOY


Bjorge cable tree


Le petit prodige norvegien a´ l´entrainement sur son cable naturel maison. Style et puissance !!!!!


The norwegian young gun hit a natural home made cable. Style and power !!!!!



Rolling With The Wind - Trailer




Just some Rails


Bjørge Bentsen....nom imprononcable pour les francophones...mais retenez le, on en reparlera souvent ces prochaines annnees !!!

L´un des petits prodiges norvegien en preparation pour la prochaine vague de vikings decroches.



Bjørge Bentsen....unprononcable for the most....remember it, we´ll talk about soon !!!

One of the norwegians prodigies preparating the next generation....unhooked vikings are on the way !



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