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A.Toverud in the pow.




Cruisin´ in Italy



Light wind over Lillehammer.



East Coast snowkiting(.no)

John Arne Askeland ripping the pow on the east side of Norway (Kroksjoen, Lillehammer area) with his new toys.



Lillehammer, new heaven ???

One more time, Kroksjoen, in Lillehammer area, full of pow and ripped by stylish norvegian riders (unhooked of course).

 Helge Staerk sliding the river,

Halvor Langhoff on the same spot, camping with the Cabrinha Team



Good vibes from Norway.


Halvor enjoyin´ a funky funny session on Vidda.




AKA event (Pyrenees)

Cancelled for bad weather forecast, but locals got to enjoy the fresh pow...Mother Nature can be tricky.


Snowkite season is on !!!


Get your boots, kite, dog, and get out up there !!! Enjoy, c u on top !



C parti, on ressort les boots, l´aile, le chien, et on monte !!! On se voit en haut !



Action : Chistophe Joube & his dog.

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